Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Applying Food Allergy Science to Your Food Allergy Life

Last Saturday, I was honored to present for the joint Seattle Food Allergy Consortium (SEAFAC) and Washington Food Allergy Eczema Asthma Support Team (WA FEAST) conference in Seattle, Washington. A huge shout-out to Kelly Morgan for doing an amazing job at organizing the afternoon sessions!

I have posted my presentation slides from the conference through Slide Share. Feel free to take a look!
Applying Food Allergy
Science to Your Food
Allergy Life

I hope to update with more soon. I learned about several research studies currently recruiting participants in the Pacific Northwest. This could very much apply to my local crowd in Oregon!

Perhaps one of the most thought-provoking sessions pertained to anxiety and food allergies. It isn't an easy discussion by any means, but very necessary given its prevalence. My gut feeling is that this issue has been ignored for far too long and very much needs to be raised to the forefront. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Food Allergy Conference in Seattle Nov. 14 - I'm Going!

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, a wonderful conference is happening this weekend in Seattle! It is a joint event between the Seattle Food Allergy Consortium (SEAFAC) in the morning and Washington's food allergy support group - Food Allergy Eczema Asthma Support Team (FEAST) - in the afternoon. It isn't too late to register.

For my part, I'm excited to present for FEAST on how you can apply food allergy science to your food allergy life! My hope is that everyone (from newly diagnosed to dealing with food allergies for years) can come away with a better understanding of the science, its presentation in various media outlets, and practical tools for evaluating and applying science to everyday life. Sure to make a cameo are various studies from LEAP to your dishwasher's role (or not?) in allergy. I'll also mention how science can be used to advocate for yourself or your child and beyond.

More details on the joint conference:

SEAFAC is a group of world-class food allergy physicians and researchers in Seattle. I'm excited to hear the latest research findings and also hear about clinical studies happening locally! My talk in the afternoon should dovetail nicely with SEAFAC's presentations. 

WAFEAST is a great local support group for those who are dealing with any of a triad of allergic disorders, which includes food allergy. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends to the north! The agenda features a stellar line-up of individuals, and I'm truly honored to be a part of this group. I know that I will learn a lot this weekend and I hope that you do, too! Huge thanks to Kelly Morgan and all other volunteers making this happen.

PS - Huge shout-out to all going to the Food Allergy Blogger's Conference in Denver this weekend. I will miss you!